We are pleased to offer several advanced options to create your ideal smile. In the past, there were few options when it came to orthodontics. Now, thanks to leading edge treatments, patients have more choices than ever. Braces are an effective, tried-and-true way to safely reposition your smile.

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Metal, or traditional braces, are still the most commonly used braces. Crafted from strong, lightweight medical grade steel, metal braces are effective yet more comfortable and less noticeable than ever before. Metal braces are bonded directly to the front and backside of each tooth, providing a locking point for the archwire.

The archwire is a strong, thin wire that gently guides each tooth into its proper alignment using consistent pressure over the course of treatment. Each bracket is paired with elastics (interarch rubber bands) to help adjust your bite and jaw position. Many patients tell us that they look forward to choosing the color of their elastics.

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Clear ceramic braces are a more discreet way to correct your smile. Crafted from less noticeable ceramic, they are extremely popular with adults and teens who want more discreet treatment options. Because they are slightly less resistant to breakage than metal braces (due to the composite nature of the materials), clear ceramic braces are often used with older children, teens or adults. Dr. Snyder will advise you about choosing the specific options for braces that are right for you.

Other than the clear ceramic brackets being hard to see (unless someone looks very closely), the braces work in the same way traditional metal ones do, allowing you to get the straight, lovely smile you have always wanted.

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Insignia® Custom Brackets

Insignia® is customized orthodontics using advanced software that creates a treatment plan tailored to your unique smile. As a result, you get 100% customized brackets and wires to fit your teeth and only your teeth, unlike traditional braces which are manufactured to fit all teeth. In addition to working faster, Insignia® braces offer you something that no other orthodontic system can: a 3-D digital view of your new smile before you even begin.

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