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Invisalign Teen® offers the same effective treatments as they do for adults. Using a series of custom designed and virtually invisible clear aligners, your child’s teeth are precisely aligned to their proper locations. The durable custom aligners are strong enough to last, yet gentle enough to provide just the right amount of force needed to ease the teeth into their ideal alignment, creating a beautiful, lasting smile.

Invisalign Teen® offers:

  • Virtually invisible treatments
  • Fewer office visits
  • Shorter treatment duration
  • Greater comfort
  • Convenience and freedom to participate in normal activities
  • Eat your favorite foods with ease
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Invisalign® Treatment Can Transform Your Teen’s Smile Without Slowing Them Down. Because They Were Made to Move.

Today’s teens are going through a lot of changes. Besides hectic, jam-packed schedules, they naturally want to look and feel their best. That’s where Invisalign  Teen® can help. Not only is the Invisalign Teen® system comfortable and convenient, it is also virtually invisible, allowing your child to live a full and active life, without the worry of traditional metal braces.

Now your busy teen can play sports, participate in activities, and still eat and drink all of their favorite foods. Invisalign Teen® can even be removed for brief periods when necessary so they can play a musical instrument or participate in sports more easily and safely.

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