piedmont virginiaThe Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation was founded after a Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic could not keep up with the need for clinical dental care in the community. As a result of an underserved community and the overwhelming need for oral care services in the area, the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation was conceived and born. One of the Foundation’s proudest sponsors is Dr. Snyder. Not only is he a supporter of the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation, he is also the Vice President. He supports the Foundation with his time, his expertise and his desire to bring dental services to the residents in need in the Martinsville and Henry County areas.

Who do we serve?

The Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation serves low income, uninsured and underinsured residents of Martinsville and Henry County. These residents lack dental insurance for a number of reasons, ranging from lack of benefits provided by employers to loss of employment when factories have closed in the area. We treat both adults and children, and we don’t discriminate based on age or ability to pay. We do ask patients to pay a “copay” of $25 per patient with the understanding that any insurance benefits the patients may have will not cover the full cost of the treatment they receive.

Why do we Help?

As early as 2003, free dental clinics in the area were unable to meet the need for discounted or free dental services for residents. Patients would wait in line for hours to receive dental care, and the founders of Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation realized that the community’s need would continue to surpass the free clinic’s ability to serve them.

Now, with the Foundation fully established, 75% of dental care providers in the region volunteer their time and resources to help residents with oral care. Virginia Commonwealth University, for example, encourages its dental students to spend time providing clinical services by making it part of their dental education. Dental assistant students volunteer their time as an avenue to achieve clinical practice hours towards their certification.

The Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation has provided 41,400 dental visits since its inception in 2006, and continues to meet the growing needs of the community. In 2016, over 5,000 dental patients were treated through the Foundation.

Why we need your help 

The Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation could not provide services without donations from the greater community. Every $1 donated provides $4.80 worth of dental care for a person in need. The Foundation is a non profit and therefore cannot sustain itself without the generosity of others.

Dr. Snyder and his fellow members of the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation have dedicated their careers to serving their communities with quality dental care, and they truly believe in the need for these services to continue. When a community comes together to provide help for some, everyone benefits!

To learn more about the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation or to make a tax deductible donation, please visit www.piedmontdental.org